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If you are facing a serious life-threatening emergency, please call 9-1-1.

For other dental emergencies, the team at Burwood Village Dentistry is here to help you. You can call our office at (410) 859-1038 or text us anytime at (410) 628-9029. 

Someone from our team will reach out to you as soon as possible. Between our multiple locations, we will find you a doctor who can address the emergency. 

What is a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is when you have pain beyond your tolerance threshold, be it from trauma, infection, or otherwise. 

Some of the common emergencies include: 

  • Swelling, toothache, or inflamed gums

  • Abscess or other infection

  • Lost a bridge, crown, or filling

  • Broken denture or dental appliance

  • Chipped, cracked, broken, loose, or fractured teeth

If you facing any of these – stay calm and follow the basic instructions below. 


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Immediate Steps during a Dental Emergency

If there is bleeding:

  • Wear gloves to avoid infection. 

  • Place a clean folded gauze pad, cloth, or paper towel over the site. 

If teeth are knocked out (avulsed)

  • The tooth may be successfully re-planted and saved if, gotten to the dentist within one hour: 

    • If you find the tooth, pick it up by the crown (not the root). 

    • If tooth is dirty, gently rinse with water. 

    • Do NOT scrub the tooth. 

    • Hold the tooth by the crown and gently re-insert the tooth back into the socket. Check that it is inserted the correct way. 

    • Have someone hold the tooth in the socket while being transported to the dentist by biting on a clean gauze or cloth.  

  • If an avulsed tooth cannot be placed back into the socket: 

    • Place the tooth in a cup of fresh milk, saline solution, or the patient's own saliva. Water is the last resort. Transport to the dentist immediately. ​

    • Never wrap the tooth in gauze or tissue. 

    • Be sure to control the bleeding with pressure. Check for other injury. 

If teeth are displaced or partially dislodged

  • If the tooth has been pushed up into the socket or gum by trauma, control the bleeding. 

  • Do NOT attempt to pull it out into position. 

  • If the tooth is loose but not pushed up into the socket or gum, gently place tooth back in its original position with gloved hands. 

  • Transport to the dentist immediately. 

If tooth is broken or fractured

  • Control bleeding. 

  • Gently clean any dirt from the injured area using warm water. 

  • Place a cold compress over the injured area. 

  • Wrap the tooth in wet gauze. Visit the dentist immediately. 

If there is jaw dislocation or facture

  • Contact the nearest hospital emergency department immediately or an oral surgeon. 

If you have toothache or abscess

  • Rinse the mouth vigorously with warm or salt water to dislodge any food debris. 

  • Clean the area around the tooth by brushing and flossing gently. 

  • Do NOT place aspirin at the toothache site, as this may cause a chemical burn of the gum tissue. 

  • Apply a cold compress on the outside of the cheek. If the face is swollen, apply a cold compress for 10 minutes on and five minutes off. Avoid heat and chewing pressure at the site. 

If there is soft tissue injury

  • Rinse repeatedly with warm water. 

  • Apply firm gentle pressure to the area using a tea bag or gauze squares for about 15 minutes. 

  • Apply cold compress to the outside of the affected area if swelling/bruising is present. 

  • Transport to the dentist or hospital emergency room if bleeding persists. 

If there is prolonged bleeding or post-extraction complication

  • Place sterile gauze on the extraction site and have the patient apply pressure by biting down for half an hour. 

  • Use enough gauze to keep top and bottom teeth slightly apart. 

  • Transport the patient to the dentist or the hospital emergency room. 

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